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The British Veterinary Camelid Society is an informal group of vets and researchers with a particular interest in camelids - primarily alpacas and llamas, but also guanacos, vicunae and camels. 
Membership of the BVCS is open to all vets, vet students and researchers with an interest in camelids. 
The BVCS is run on a voluntary basis:
President - Claire Whitehead
Chair - James Adams
Secretary - Ami Sawran
Education Rep - Fay Pooley
Treasurer - Emily Rainbow
Member at Large - Rebecca Edwards

History and Aims
The BVCS was established in 1994 in response to the growing interest in keeping new world camelids in the UK the aim was to provide a central source of information and advice to ensure the highest standards of clinical care for all camelids in the UK.

Camelid Advice
The BVCS is always happy to give advice but as a matter of policy can liaise only with fellow professionals. Owners can ask their vet to make contact or, better still, encourage them to apply for membership of the BVCS. 

Camelid Friendly Vets
The Find-A-Vet section will help you find veterinary expertise in your area.